Our Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of sophisticated services that emphasize consistent quality and delivery of value. While we tailor our services to each client's bespoke needs, our core expertise covers the following general areas:


  • Financial Services

    We can help you raise debt or equity capital through all venture or expansion stages, engage in merger or acquisition activities, or manage your institutional or private wealth portfolio. Whether they be stocks or bonds, currencies or commodities, real property or exotic derivatives, we understand the intricacies of financial products and valuations. As expert financiers, we leverage our economic talents to get you ahead of the curve. We also engage in hedged proprietary trading, arbitrage, and strategic investments where there are opportunities for us to improve market efficiencies.


  • Compliance Services

    We can help you navigate the complex web of mutlijurisdictional regulatory regimes. Modern firms must adhere to countless rules on a variety of subjects such as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, know your customer and enhanced due diligence, anti-bribery and corruption prevention, information management and data privacy protections, foreign tax and trade restrictions, organizational and liquidity directives, special financial instrument and leverage structures, evolving corporate governance and executive compensation schemes, intellectual property usage, competition and anti-trust barriers, as well as whistleblowers and conflict of interest concerns. You can count on us to look out for all your legal and reputational risks. We employ a measured risk-reward analysis to engage in optimally efficient compliance. We conduct trainings, structure internal-controls, and develop and implement compliance programmes that work to prevent wrongdoing ex-ante, as well as conduct comprehensive internal investigations when necessary. These measures are designed so that if violations are discovered, your business will be equipped with the most compelling compliance defences and legal sanction mitigation options.


  • Asset Recovery

    We can find and ensure you get the funds you are entitled to. Our proprietary systems allow us to identify and locate lost, missing, or misallocated property. We are able to trace money from a variety of sources through complicated chains of custody around the world. Individuals may engage us to reunite them with their rightful possessions on singular assigments. Companies or institutions may retain us on an ongoing basis to ensure all their entilements are claimed. Working usually on a contingency fee basis ensures the interests of our firm are fully aligned with that of our clients. We only receive fees if, and based on the extent, we are successful at recovering assets for you.


  • Advisory Services

    Information is priceless. Superior knowledge gives your business a distinct asymmetric advantage. Many firms research data. Many offer consulting. We do more. We provide the strategies and tactics to ensure you lasting success. Let us help you better understand yourself, your competition, and the broader market landscape. With access to unique networks and synergies, our knowledge of organization and process optimization allows your business to exceed its current potential.


We always strive to maintain a high level of personalised service for each of our partners. While we are often considered a boutique operation, we have never considered compromising the quality of our representation by engaging in a higher volume of engagements. At the same time, we have an extensive network to tap into for creating new partnerships and maximizing value. If an assignment or transaction has a real or apparent conflict of interest, we will avoid it. If you are interested in working with us please contact us.

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